Four Seasons B & B

DIGITAL CAMERA DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_0171 DIGITAL CAMERA DIGITAL CAMERA 315037_10152021909935533_1476011666_n[1] IMG_0163 IMG_0141 Grapes on the Deck

Beginning of Winter

Beginning of Winter

IMG_0612 IMG_0912

1 Response to Four Seasons B & B

  1. Patty’s GuestHouse Bed and Breakfast
    A great place to visit all four seasons and enjoy the beauty of its surroundings.
    Experience the beauty found in every season.
    Spring brings early flowers, birds, and the birth of fawns.
    I found one last year resting on my doorsteps. It brought all the tender fuzzy feelings that all new born bring.
    Summer bring us sun and heat, and plenty of food in the garden. We believe in garden to table cooking. There is nothing more delicious than a freshly picked tomato or peach…ahh, so juicy.
    Fall brings us gorgeous colors and beautiful cool breezes and rosy sky.
    Winter has its magical beauty with the glistening snow, frozen lakes where you can witness children skating and hear their their happy laughter. It is hard to pick a favorite season as they all bring beauty and appeal. Come and visit us! Experience simple and delightful pleasures of nature.

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